Post-Menopause Advice On How To Keep Your Changing Skin Healthy And Beautiful

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  1. Menopause: Why Does My Skin Look And Feel Different?
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  3. Post-Menopause Beauty Regimen Step by Step

Menopause and Skincare: Combat Changing Skin With These Tips

Life is like a hot bath. It feels so good while you’re in it, but the longer you stay in it, the more wrinkled you get. Who can relate?

There are so many benefits to aging; successful careers, larger families, retirement lifestyle, spoiling grandchildren, and not to mention the infinite wisdom. *wink wink* 

Growing older doesn’t come without its challenges though, especially for women. Those hormones that made us magical life-giving goddesses start to turn on us and create challenges for us as we age.

Let’s explore why and how your skin changes as you age and give you some expert tips for how to care for your skin during and post-menopause.

Menopause: Why Does My Skin Look And Feel Different?

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How is the skin impacted by menopause? To answer this question simply, estrogen. As ovarian production decreases and becomes irregular in a woman’s mid to late 40s, the estrogen and progesterone that the woman’s body would normally produce in a monthly cycle slows down and eventually stops. This slow-down phase is called perimenopause (or before-menopause) and once the periods have stopped for a consecutive twelve months this is considered to be the start of menopause.

Unfortunately, even during the slow-down period, you may start to notice changes based on the new hormone ratios within the body. While every system of the body will likely feel some sort of impact due to hormonal changes, the skin will usually show the most visible changes. 

Estrogens are critical for keeping skin hydrated and holding its moisture. This is why you may have trouble with drier skin than normal. The decrease in estrogen also has a domino effect in the body’s production of collagen which is vital for the skin strength, firmness, and elasticity. A loss of fat below the skin’s surface can also cause the skin to sag as well as new or worsening fine lines and wrinkles.

At this point, you may be looking for Peter Pan to whisk you away to Never-Never Land so that you can stay young forever. We don’t blame you. But it’s not all bad news. Keep reading for our go-to tips for holding onto your naturally beautiful skin as long as possible.

Expert Tips For Your Post-Menopause Skin

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Our first expert tip for keeping your post-menopause skin (and body) feeling its best are pretty simple. Eat the rainbow and some essential fats, drink plenty of water, move your body, and get lots of sleep. 

Nature’s brightly colored rainbow of fruits and vegetables are full of antioxidants that our body needs to stay strong from the inside out. We recommend eating a wide variety and try to get in every color of the spectrum! Essential fatty acids are another key component to helping keep you looking your best. They work from the inside out to help keep your skin’s oil barrier working which breaks down during menopause. Walnuts, sardines, soy, flax, and salmon are great examples of these vital omega-3s. Are you hungry yet?

While we’re on the topic of our body helping itself from the inside out, let’s talk about water. It would make sense that if our skin is drying out that putting more water inside our body will help with the dryness. Grab your favorite reusable water bottle, fill it up, and keep it with you so you have easy access to instant hydration. Trust us, your body and skin will thank you.

As we age, our needs (and perhaps desires) for exercise change. Most of us aren’t competing athletes, running marathons, or playing our favorite sports anymore but that doesn’t mean we should stop moving altogether. Even though our needs change, one thing that doesn’t change is the body’s need to keep moving. 

Exercise is important for your heart and bone health; exercise increases circulation which allows more nutrients to reach your skin. This can also increase collagen and elastin production which we already mentioned is critical for skin elasticity but significantly decreases because of dwindling estrogen supplies. 

Finally, get some rest, you’ve earned it. Getting the proper amount of sleep (7-9 hours) every night helps prevent dark circles under your eyes and reduces stress. It also helps your body to recharge so that you can wake up looking (and feeling) refreshed.

Now that you’re eating and moving and sleeping optimally, let’s take it to the next level and make sure your beauty regimen is top-notch as well.

Post-Menopause Beauty Regimen Step by Step

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By this age, you likely are aware of most skincare and beauty regimen essentials. However, there may be some new considerations for your beauty regimen that are worth a second look during this life phase.

Step 1: Cleanse

For example, did you know that hot water tends to dry skin out more than warm water? For this reason, it might be worth easing off the temperature while cleansing your skin to avoid losing critical moisture during this basic skin care step. You should also use a gentle cleanser that is specifically formulated to remove impurities without drying or irritating the skin - it’s all to help the cause!

Step 2: Exfoliate

Next, some light exfoliation to remove excess dead skin cells can help with skin discoloration where there might be age spots or uneven skin tones. Be careful not to overdo this step with excessive exfoliation; it’s best to consult your health care provider or dermatologist on what’s best for you.

Step 3: Treat & Hydrate

The next step is working on those fine lines and wrinklesALASTIN Skincare’s TriHex Technology® supports skin’s ability to remove the damaged collagen and elastin so that it can rebuild and replenish itself naturally to maintain healthy skin. Treating your skin with ALASTIN’s Restorative Skin Complex with TriHex Technology® and Renewal Retinol can work together to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles but also help even out skin tone and restore volume to the skin. 

Perhaps you’ve noticed a theme of hydration and moisture. Using a moisturizer that is targeted to unique areas on the face and neck will provide the best results. You’ll want to make sure you’re moisturizing twice daily for the best results. The Ultra Nourishing Moisturizer is a fragrance and oil-free formulation that calms, nourishes, and hydrates the skin while also targeting the elusive collagen and elastin. 

The neck and décolleté areas need unique support because this skin is more delicate. The Restorative Neck Complex with TriHex Technology® helps to address those special needs with the same TriHex Technology® we mentioned earlier. 

The same goes for our eyes. If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not you need a separate eye cream, read our article about expert eye cream tips and don’t hesitate to grab our award-winning best eye cream according to InStyle Magazine

Step 4: Protect

The final piece of your beauty regimen is arguably the most important and lifelong beauty tip: Sunscreen. Whether it’s cloudy and overcast, or a bright sunshiny day, sunscreen is a must at all times for all ages. Hormonal changes in the skin during menopause can reduce your skin’s natural protection against the sun and we all know that nothing shows wrinkles and age like time in the sun. 

If you were reading this in a warm bath, it’s time to hop out and moisturize! Hopefully this gives you some tips to keep your skin looking natural and beautiful as you age.  If you have any questions, find us on Facebook or Instagram!

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