About Us

About Us

ALASTIN Skincare® is one of the fastest-growing physician-dispensed skincare brands, with innovative, scientifically proven and clinically tested products. Founded in 2015, ALASTIN Skincare provides a comprehensive collection of cutting-edge products for optimal procedure results and daily skincare regimens. We strategically focus research and development on innovative products with the greatest potential impact for patients and providers. 

ALASTIN Skincare was acquired in 2022 by Galderma — a leader in the dermatological space and the world’s largest independent dermatology company. With a shared commitment to innovation and making a positive impact in the lives of our customers, this union is a match made in skin heaven.  Together, Galderma and ALASTIN will continue providing breakthrough and high-quality products. 

Our Technology

TriHex Technology®️, our patented blend of active peptides and botanicals elegantly supports your skin’s natural life cycle – promoting the benefits of recycling, rebuilding and replenishing the skin matrix in order to maintain a healthy glow and youthful appearance.

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Our Focus

ALASTIN Skincare is dedicated to success, as a customer-focused innovator that has created a community of collaboration and partnership to bring the highest levels of pharmaceutical science to cosmeceutical skincare. ALASTIN Skincare is committed to exceeding provider and patient expectations for healthy radiant skin.

Our Team

The executive team brings decades of experience and expertise to develop and market scientifically proven and clinically tested products. The team is dedicated to evolving the product portfolio and developing the most efficacious products to provide optimal results for providers and patients.

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Awards & In the Press

Over the years, ALASTIN Skincare has been cited in the news and press. Here are some of our top awards and mentions:

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The Core Values That Drive Our Work Alastin Core Values

The Core Values That Drive Our Work Alastin Core Values