Skin Care Tips For Microneedling Aftercare

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You’ve talked to your dermatologist, you’ve made the appointment, and you’re already fantasizing about your post-microneedling glow. But what you do after your procedure is just as important as what happens during your procedure.

Microneedling helps diminish the appearance of scars, deep wrinkles, large pores and other skin concerns and enhances the radiance of your face. And with a few tips and tricks, you can keep your treated skin healthy and magnify the results of this modern beauty ritual.

The Different Types of MicroNeedling

  • Traditional Microneedling: Uses a microneedling device to create small injuries to the skin which stimulates the skins’ healing process. The skin rejuvenation healing process can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and scarring. Traditional microneedling usually requires several treatments to see results.
  • RF Microneedling: Incorporates radiofrequency energy into the traditional procedure. This procedure is done via small needles that not only help restore the skin but also send RF energy deep into the dermis to elevate the results of skin tightening and scar reduction. Due to RF going deeper into the skin, it can result in faster and more dramatic results.

    How Microneedling Affects Your Skin Type

    The goal of microneedling is to encourage your skin to make more collagen. During a microneedling procedure, tiny needles (between .5 and 2.5 millimeters in diameter) are pressed into the top layers of your skin. As the dermatologist or skin care professional presses the needles into your face or targeted treatment areas, these needles prick the surface level of your skin and cause a slight injury to the skin that directly triggers your skin’s healing process.1

    Rest assured these needles are short as well as thin, so each poke is pretty superficial and only minimally damages the epidermis. Comparable to many types of laser treatments for your face, microneedling is a highly effective and minimally invasive skin treatment that is becoming more prevalent in the world of skincare.

    In fact, microneedling is considered one of the least invasive skincare treatments. 

    So what does all that poking and pricking do? Basically, your cells go into maximum beautification mode during a microneedling session. Each prick creates a tiny wound that puts your skin’s healing systems into overdrive. As a result, your body creates new, collagen-rich tissue that creates noticeable lift and brightness to your skin. 

    Here is a visual of what your skin looks like before and after collagen induction therapy.

    Some of the benefits of microneedling can include:

    • Diminished fine lines and wrinkles
    • Tightened pores
    • Firmer and smoother skin texture
    • Improved appearance of spider veins, broken capillaries, acne scars, and age spots
    • A brightened and evened out skin tone

    You may look at this list and think, “Check, check, and triple check! Sign me up!” However, microneedling only works because it forces the body to fire up its healing systems. And in order for your body to heal and rejuvenate your skin, it needs something to heal—microneedling does this by causing small wounds in your skin.

    Even though microneedling is minimally invasive, your skin needs to recover from the minuscule injuries left by the dermaroller’s needles. The good news is that these effects only last between a few hours to a day or two. 

    With a bit of care and the right skincare products, you can help your skin recover from microneedling and elongate the incredible effects of this procedure.   

    7 Tips for Microneedling Aftercare

    Proper aftercare for microneedling treatments can help the effectiveness of the procedure and protect your vulnerable skin from irritants and damage. However, properly prepping your skin prior to a procedure is also one of the biggest factors of effective aftercare. Prepped skin leads to better end results. We recommend using our Regenerating Skin Nectar with TriHex Technology® 2 weeks before your procedure to support and strengthen your skin and amplify the microneedling healing process.  

    #1 Avoid Damaging Irritants

    After your microneedling session, your body works overtime to heal itself and create newer, firmer skin. During this time, the treated skin will be extremely susceptible to its usual nemeses, including:

    • UV Radiation – The sun’s rays may feel warm and tingly on your face, but the UV radiation in sunlight can harm your skin’s collagen and elastin. Since the goal of microneedling is to increase your skin’s collagen production, UV radiation from sun exposure can negatively hinder the results of your procedure.
    • Bacteria Your skin relies on specific kinds of bacteria to keep your pores healthy. But harmful bacteria can become trapped in your pores, leading to infections and blemishes. After microneedling, your skin is more exposed to the potential threats of bacteria. 
    • Physical or Chemical Irritants – Chemical irritants like exfoliating creams as well as physical irritants like rough facial scrubs can exacerbate your skin’s redness and increase your discomfort. 

    To protect your skin from these common, yet damaging irritants, follow these guidelines and you’ll enjoy more radiant skin even more quickly.

    For 3 days after the procedure avoid:

    • Direct sun exposure
    • Swimming, whether in pools, oceans, or lakes
    • Tanning beds
    • Traditional makeup and mineral makeup
    • Electric or battery-powered cleansing brushes
    • Alpha Hydroxy Acid
    • Beta Hydroxy Acid
    • Retinol (Vitamin A)
    • Vitamin C scrubs

    After the first three days, the treatment area will be a little less susceptible to damage from irritants. But for a week after the procedure continue to avoid:

    • Electric or battery-powered cleansing brushes
    • Alpha Hydroxy Acid
    • Beta Hydroxy Acid
    • Retinol (Vitamin A)
    • Vitamin C scrubs

    #2 Cleanse Carefully

    Even your tried-and-true facial cleanser may cause increased redness, irritation, and dry skin after your microneedling appointment. To keep your soon-to-be radiant skin fresh and cleansed, follow these steps:

    1. Wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap and water to clean off any potential dirt or grime. 
    2. Using lukewarm water, wash your face with a gentle cleanser. 
    3. Pat dry. 

    For a soothing daily cleanser, try our Gentle Cleanser. It’s sulfate free and gently removes impurities from your skin. It also has a helpful dose of antioxidants to calm skin and promote your body’s natural healing process. 

    Skincare Tip: When left unwashed, towels can collect bacteria, dirt, and other irritants. And that risks infection in your freshly microneedled skin. So before you head to your appointment, do a load of laundry. 

    #3 Moisturize

    Moisturizer is the bedrock of skincare. It nourishes your skin, keeps it plump, and gives your collagen-creating systems a healthy boost of hydration. After a microneedling procedure, your skin may feel a little dryer and redder than normal. A dab of gentle moisturizer can help reduce redness and lock in luscious hydration.

    If you’re looking for a nourishing moisturizer that also has collagen stimulating peptides try our Ultra Nourishing Moisturizer with TriHex Technology®. This innovative formula works with your skin’s collagen-building systems to clear out cellular debris and make room for stunning new collagen-rich skin.

    #4 Protect

    UV radiation causes molecular damage to the structures of the skin, which is why it’s important to avoid direct sunlight after a microneedling appointment. However, you’ll probably still absorb some residual UV rays as you go about your week. But that doesn’t mean you should hide in a cave for after your procedure! Instead, put on some armor—skin armor.

    Sunscreen absorbs UV radiation before it can penetrate through your skin! Be sure to reapply throughout the day for full protection to help prevent sun damage.

    Beauty Tip: Not all sunscreens are created equal. Use a tinted sunscreen that can cover the pink skin from your treatment while calming and protecting your skin at the same time, like our HydraTint Pro Mineral Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 36. This unique formula’s botanical ingredients help to soothe skin irritation, making it a perfect post-care essential to apply to the treated area.

    #5 Augment Your Skincare Routine

    Your medicine cabinet is full of skincare luxuries that you love to use. Before your appointment, step into your bathroom, open up the cabinet, and say “We need to take a break” to those skincare extras. 

    Your usual products may cause excess irritation to your healing and rejuvenating skin. So, for at least a week or two, give your creams, tinctures, unguents, and ointments a break. Take a sabbatical from the following skincare products and practices to help make the most of your post-microneedling recovery time:

    • Scrubs
    • Masks
    • Chemical exfoliators
    • Heavy creams

    #6 Drink Water

    Water is the elixir of life—and skin care! Hydration is so important after a microneedling procedure because water is essential to the collagen-creation process. In fact, water is the main component of all cells in the body. And the more hydrated you are, the healthier collagen cells your body can produce, so drink up!

    Beauty Tip: Create healthy hydration habits by making infused water bottles to keep in the fridge. Add fresh strawberries, cucumbers, mint, lemons, or oranges to a bottle of filtered water and you’ll feel transported to the spa with every sip.

    #7 Enhance The Effects of Microneedling Treatment with ALASTIN

    Sometimes, you wish your perfect haircut would stay just so, or your artfully-designed manicure could last all month. And after a microneedling treatment, you probably wish the effects could last even longer. Consider ALASTIN your personal skincare fairy godmother.

    These award-winning formulas come recommended by dermatologists from across the country to magnify the effects of microneedling. Just follow these daily steps so your skin can enjoy maximum microneedling magnificence: 

    1. Cleanse with our Gentle Cleanser. This spectacular skincare product soothes post-procedure skin while clearing away dust, grime, debris, and oils. 
    2. Enhance your skin using Regenerating Skin Nectar with TriHex Technology®. Let this serum sink into your pores to help eliminate damaged collagen fibers and support the fresh collagen production in your skin.
    3. Restore with our Soothe + Protect Recovery Balm. Apply this calming formula to your face every morning and night. It’s like a bottle of TLC for your recovering skin!
    4. Moisturize with the Ultra Nourishing Moisturizer and seal in the effects of your procedure. Our moisturizer calms the skin, supports natural hyaluronic acid levels, and provides all-day hydration for a stunning, post-procedure glow.
    5. Protect your beautiful skin from damaging UV rays with our HydraTint Pro Mineral Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 36.

    Repeat these microneedling aftercare instructions and tips when you wake up in the morning and right before you go to bed. You’ll be amazed to see how much of a difference our award-winning formulas can make. Don’t forget to talk to your doctor or healthcare provider about how ALASTIN can enhance your microneedling post care rituals.

    Microneedling Aftercare Starts with Self-Care

    Medical microneedling helps bring new skin, new brightness, and new beauty to your face. But to really experience the benefits of this incredible procedure, prioritize care for yourself and your skin. Because being kind to your skin is being kind to yourself. Take the time to enjoy these post-care rituals and you’ll be glowing from the inside out. 


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