Advice for the Best Results & Quickest Downtime After a Skin Rejuvenating Procedure

Advice for the Best Results & Quickest Downtime After a Skin Rejuvenating Procedure

Skincare Tips Post-Procedure

Once you’ve made the decision to invest in a skin rejuvenating procedure like microneedling, laser resurfacing, chemical peel, or the like, you want to ensure that you’re getting the best results for your investment. That’s a no-brainer.

Luckily, there are some steps you can take to ensure the quickest downtime and most optimal skin results post-procedure, and you don’t have to leave it up to fate!

What Should I Expect After My Laser Resurfacing, Microneedling, or Similar Skin Rejuvenating Procedure?

Microneedling skin rejuvenating treatment

It totally depends on your treatment, your skin, and how you care for your skin before and after your procedure. This is an important topic that you want to cover your doctor before your procedure, preferably during your consultation. 

Your doctor will likely recommend that you actually follow a specific skincare regimen before your procedure to properly and thoroughly prepare your skin to ensure the best results. 

Read our previous blog post for detailed tips and expert advice on how to prepare your skin for a skin rejuvenating procedure.

After a skin rejuvenating process, the body begins a natural process of healing which includes 3 phases. 

The Inflammation Phase: stabilizes the site and cleans away dead cells and any bacteria; lasts a short period of time and if prolonged, can lead to scar formation.

The Reparative Phase: skin cells multiply and initiate mobilization to close the wound and regenerate the epidermis (outer skin layer).

The Remodeling Phase: completes the skin remodeling; this phase can take 30-90 days or more and is marked by the formation of new layers of skin built up from within; moderation of inflammation can reduce scarring and discoloration.

Generally speaking, in many cases, post-procedure skin experiences redness and some irritation. Again, depending on the procedure, this phase can be long or short, so it’s important to understand this process by talking to your doctor before your procedure. This phase is often referred to as “downtime”, the period where your skin is visibly in recovery-mode and you likely will want to keep social interactions and public appearances to a minimum. But hey, it can also be considered a perfect time to catch up on your favorite binge-worthy show and treat yourself to some extra TLC - we vote bubble bath!

What Should I Do After My Skin Treatment?

For one thing, minimize sun exposure. Your skin is in healing-mode and doesn’t need any extra UVA or UVB rays interfering with the process. And in that same vein, minimize unnecessary environmental exposure as well; pollutants in the air can clog pores and cause damage to your high-risk skin in this state, so do yourself a favor and lay low if your treatment does involve downtime.

If you must venture out, at the very least wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen and reapply every few hours to ensure you’re protected.

Some treatments, like non-ablative laser resurfacing treatments, typically require no downtime, so you could be back to the office and your regular routine right away. Again, ask your doctor so you can set your expectations and plan accordingly.

Which Skincare Products Can I Use After My Skin Treatment?

Best skincare after your skin rejuvenating procedure

We’re glad you asked! And we’re glad you realize that your skin will be in a different state and require different care post-procedure.

This is a great way to think about it…

When you purchase a new car, you buy insurance to protect the vehicle before driving it off the lot. The very same philosophy should be applied to post-procedure skin. Before you even leave your doctor’s office, talk to them about the best peri-procedure skincare that will help protect the results of your procedure once you get home.

You should consider that your skin is in recovery mode after most skin rejuvenating procedures, meaning it requires very specific care and ingredients. Your doctor will walk you through the proper skincare regimen, but here are a few products and steps that will help in the process...

Gentle Cleanser for skin procedures

Use a gentle cleanser on skin post-procedure; look for a sulfate-free cleanser that can thoroughly remove environmental pollutants and make-up without drying or irritating your skin. Your skin is likely to be a bit sensitive for the first few days, so use a cleanser than contains calming antioxidants that can do the dirty work, without causing any harm to your skin’s fragile state.

For some treatments, your doctor may recommend a recovery balm for your skin post-procedure.  The ALASTIN Skincare Soothe + Protect Recovery Balm moisturizes and strengthens skin following procedures and is designed to support the renewal of post-procedure skin. One of its most important contributions is that it also helps to restore the barrier function of the skin, which is a critical step for your skin at this state.

Learn more about the layers of your skin, the importance of collagen and elastin, and the ECM, or extracellular matrix.

Although it may seem like once the redness and irritation on the surface of the skin have recovered, you are past the recovery phase, but the full healing process can last well beyond the visual signs of recovery, in some cases, 1-3 months after the procedure.

So listen up, this is the important part. Doctors agree that the ALASTIN Skincare Regenerating Skin Nectar with TriHex Technology® is the key to quicker downtime and optimal results post-procedure. 

Regenerating Skin Nectar with TriHex Technology

This water-free, preservative-free, bacteriostatic formulation not only helps to preserve your procedure results but also calms skin and helps reduce recovery and downtime. Furthermore, this powerhouse skincare supports the production of new, healthy elastin and collagen

Watch this video to see what top doctors and dermatologists say about Regenerating Skin Nectar for post-procedure skin.


Not only do doctors agree, but the results speak for themselves! Check out these before and after images demonstrating improved recovery post-laster resurfacing and enhanced patient experience using the Procedure Enhancing System including Regenerating Skin Nectar!

Skin Treatment before and after with Regenerating Skin Nectar with TriHex Technology | ALASTIN Skincare

ALASTIN Skincare Regimen: Gentle Cleanser, Regenerating Skin Nectar, Ultra Nourishing Moisturizer, Soothe+Protect Recovery Balm and Broad Spectrum SPF 30+ used twice daily (except sunscreen used morning only). Subjects used the PES kit for 3 weeks prior to the procedure and 12 weeks following the procedure. 

Reference: Widgerow, A.D., Fabi, S.G., Palestine, R.F., et al. Extracellular matrix modulation: optimizing skin care and rejuvenation procedures. J Drugs Dermatol. 2016;15(4) (suppl):s63-s71. 

Comparator Regimen: cleanser, bland ointment, petrolatum-based cream and broad spectrum SPF 30+ used twice daily (except sunscreen used morning only). Procedure: Fractionated CO2 Laser - 10,600nm Fraxel Laser (Fraxel; Solta Medical Inc., Hayward, CA, USA). 

Check out more impressive before and after images using ALASTIN Skincare.

Last, but certainly not least, if your procedure is a body skin tightening procedure like CoolSculpting® or another fat-freezing procedure, top beauty editors and doctors say that the TransFORM Body Treatment with TriHex Technology® is a must-have post-procedure. 

TransFORM Body Treatment with TriHex Technology®

As the 2019 NewBeauty Award Winner for Innovation specially designed for use after body-sculpting procedures, TransFORM Body Treatment can help to accelerate the body’s natural removal process of broken-down fat cells to accelerate and enhance visible results. It also supports the skin’s natural ability to produce elastin and collagen for firmer, smoother skin, and bonus, can even be used alone as a daily body skincare treatment!

Getting a skin rejuvenating procedure is like going to the dentist for a deep cleaning, but we all know that you wouldn’t just stop brushing in between dental cleanings. In order to maintain the benefits of your cleaning (or, ahem, the skin treatment in our case), you should work to maintain the results with thoughtful care and scientifically-proven skincare products. This is why we’ve developed products specifically designed for procedure care to enhance the results and reduce the aftereffects of procedures.