The Desert-Island List: 26 Epic Beauty Products That Made the Cut

When forced to choose just a few things to take to an indefinite stay on a desert island, it really encourages us to take stock of which items we use the most. With this in mind, I asked my fellow Who What Wear editors to consider their go-to beauty products and narrow it down to the few (or even one or two, in some cases) they would hate to be stranded without. (I actually chose seven products myself—I never said I travel lightly.) You can't go wrong with any of these skin, makeup, and hair products below because we're very discerning packers. You'll see.

 "Let me tell you this lightweight serum has really changed my skin for the better. An inevitable outcome of being in your 30s is that new little lines appear on your face as you lose collagen. But this restores elasticity, making it one of the only anti-aging products I've used that actually diminishes lines in addition to keeping new ones at bay. Fun fact: This is the only product my husband steals from me currently."
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Anti-Aging Skincare

Restorative Skin Complex
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Addresses all visible signs of aging on the face.

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