Help Prevent Sleep Induced Lines And Wrinkles

What else can be done to help prevent sleep-induced lines and wrinkles?

Luckily, you can tweak your skin-care routine to help battle the impact of skin friction and folding while sleeping and treat the wrinkles that may result.

"Apply your retinol, and don't forget to spread it down on your neck and chest. This will help keep the skin cells rejuvenated, soften fine lines and encourage collagen production," advises Dr. Robinson for nighttime. Dr. Maiman recommends applying a thick cream after your chosen serum because it will "will sink into the spongy top layer of skin and fight the compression impact of folded skin."

Come morning, Dr. Robinson is a proponent of drinking a big glass of water to help depuff and rehydrate. "You can replenish fine lines and lost volume with a hyaluronic acid serum" — her current favorite is the Alastin HA Immerse Serum — "and gently pat a brightening eye cream around your orbital bone. Seek out a product with caffeine to reduce puffiness." 



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