Celebrities are sharing all their favorite skin care products on social media

Singer-songwriter Jhené Aiko revealed her entire skin care routine in her Instagram comment section. When a fan asked her to "drop the gems" about her glowing skin, Aiko did, in incredible detail. "I get Fraxel about twice a year. It's an intense laser treatment that improves texture, acne scars, and enlarged pores. It’s kinda expensive and hurts like s***. Your face micro scabs... the scabs fall off gradually… over a period of like 7 days, and then a new layer of skin is revealed… your face stays swollen for like another week. It’s all so worth it tho lol," she wrote.

She continued with a product list, and the dietary changes she's made: "I keep up the results with Alastin Skin Care, IS Clinical Serums, CeraVe wash, Lancer Scrub, and Circell ab serum. Also I take collagen pills, drink kangen water, apple cider vinegar and take Super Food by Dr. Shulzes daily! lol hope this answered your question." Clearly, Aiko makes good skin a priority.

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