Winter Skincare Tips from Dermatologist, Dr. Marina Peredo


How to Care for Your Skin During the Harsh Winter Months & the Best Skincare Treatments to Keep Your Skin Glowing

When we think of winter skincare goals, we assume everyone's dream is to achieve that dewy skin look that appears immune to the effects of the dry air, icy temps, blustering winds, and over-the-top heating.

Seems simple, right? Well if you are like us, we know that the skin sometimes has its own agenda and can react differently to the change in the season and weather.

To help guide us through the looming winter weather, we sat down with dermatologist and skincare expert, Dr. Marina Peredo of Skinfluence NY for a one-on-one discussion to get her best winter skincare tips and her advice for achieving that glowing, soft skin in these upcoming colder months.

Meet Skincare Expert Dr. Marina Peredo


Dr. Peredo is an internationally renowned board-certified, Manhattan-based dermatologist. As a passionate lover of all things fashion, art, and beauty, Dr. Peredo takes an integrated, customized approach to each individual’s concerns to obtain results that resemble what nature intended… natural-looking facial contours, carefully sculpted cheeks, and lips that appear full yet natural. Her mantra:

"Flawless skin equals confidence. Confidence equals power. I want to empower women with knowledge and beauty." - Dr. Peredo

Winter Skincare Tips from Dr. Peredo

New York, like many places in the U.S., gets very cold in the winter, so Dr. Peredo knows a thing or two, firsthand, about keeping your skin glowing through the winter season. Let’s dive in!  

  1. Humidifier: when you get home it is many people’s first instinct to blast the heat to deal with the outdoor cold. With these heat blasts comes a lot of dry skin and dry air, which can immediately affect the skin. Make sure to combat this dry air with a humidifier that re-moisturizes the air so that while your warming up, you are also rehydrating.
  2. Showers: Many people prefer to warm up with a hot shower, but this is actually worse for your skin! Shorter, cooler showers replenish the dry skin with moisture and provide longer moisture control with the addition of post-shower lotioning. A must do to keep your sensitive skin, less sensitive.
  3. Customized Winter Skincare: Every patient's skin is different so there is not one skincare regimen that is a one-size-fits-all. I work individually with clients to create a regimen that is right for their individual skincare concerns, daily lifestyle needs, and skin goals.
  4. Lasers: We perform the most lasers in the winter, specifically a customized Skinfluence Trinity treatment that is a combination of Clear + Brilliant®, microneedling, and PRP, integrated with pre- and post- treatment with ALASTIN Skincare products. Essentially it’s a laser, peel, and re-integrating platelets that stimulate cells. The laser and peel help with pigment discoloration, microneedling goes into the dermis and disrupts – regenerating cell production, and the platelets assist the healing process of the skin.
  5. Facials: A HydraFacial® with infusions are some of the most popular in the wintertime. They assist with getting rid of damaged, dry skin cells from the summer. These moisturizing facials help to revamp skin and provide hydration, glow, and fullness into the cooler months.
  6. Scrubs: Essential for those getting procedures or those who are not! For those getting skin treatments, use a scrub 3-5 days prior in order to slough off dead skin cells and prepare the skin to the best of its ability. Following a procedure wait at least five days to use a scrub due to the sensitive nature of the skin. For those not getting a procedure, using a scrub every other day is essential to keeping skin regenerating and stimulated. It not only sloughs off dead skin cells but stimulates the pores and reinvigorates cells.
  7. Nutrition: Soups are a must in the winter. Not only because they are delicious and good for your soul, but I have found skin benefits to eating soups and the warmth it integrates. Specifically, I have a love for squash soup. I have been making a ton of these soups now that it's getting colder and there are many health benefits - squash is a good source of fiber, potassium, and several other key nutrients. The nutritional content of squash makes it beneficial for digestion, blood pressure, and healthy skin and hair, among others.

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