Leading Physican-Dispensed Skincare Brand, ALASTIN, Introduces Three New Products Designed to Treat Naturally Sensitive or Delicate Post-Procedure Skin

CARLSBAD, CA — October 20, 2021 — ALASTIN Skincare®, Inc., a specialty aesthetics company dedicated to developing and marketing innovative, clinically-tested physician-dispensed skin care products, today announces the launch of three new sensitive skincare products: Ultra Calm Cleansing Cream, Ultra Light Moisturizer with TriHex Technology® and SilkSHIELD All-Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 with TriHex Technology®. The newest sensitive skin collection is designed with ultra-calming, restorative formulas to help treat naturally sensitive or post-cosmetic treatment skin. The combination of ALASTIN Skincare’s signature TriHex Technology® with other active ingredients is perfect for soothing, restoring and calming sensitive and post-treatment skin.

When skin is sensitive, inflamed, or healing after a cosmetic treatment, you need a cleanser that is gentle and soothing. ALASTIN Skincare’s Ultra Calm Cleansing Cream helps to balance and purify, leaving skin softer and more nourished while gently removing dirt, oil and makeup without upsetting the skin’s moisture balance. Ultra Calm Cleaning Cream helps to promote hydration and calm skin with ingredients such as Oat Protein Extract and Silver Mushroom.

Refresh sensitive, irritated, or post- treatment skin with ALASTIN Skincare’s Ultra Light Moisturizer with TriHex Technology®. This silky moisturizer provides the gentle hydration necessary for compromised or easily irritated skin, while helping to encourage the production of new elastin and collagen. ALASTIN’s patented TriHex Technology® supports the skin’s natural ability to produce new, healthy elastin and collagen to promote smoother skin while ingredients like Silver Mushroom and White Tea Leaf Extract offer hydrating and calming properties.

ALASTIN Skincare’s new SilkSHIELD All-Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 with TriHex Technology® gives powerful protection with a gentle mineral formulation. The lightweight, fast-absorbing, broad-spectrum sunscreen has a sheer finish which means no white cast. Formulated with ALASTIN’s patented TriHex Technology®, SilkSHIELD supports the skin’s natural ability to produce new, healthy elastin and collagen along with providing protection from UVA/UVB, IR rays, pollution and blue light.

“From discussions with our physican partners, we recognized a need for a line of products that would be specifically formulated for sensitive skin and be especially effective for pre and post-procedure care,” said John Garruto, Vice President, R&D, ALASTIN Skincare. “While the new product offerings are perfect for those with irritation-prone skin and for post-procedure care, they are also wonderful choices for standalone use. We formulated these products to be gentle, soothing and highly effective.”

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