5 Derm-Approved Methods For Re-Applying SPF Over Makeup

 It's imperative before applying makeup, to begin with, a strong SPF as a base to ensure skin is protected from the start. This should be something that is engrained in our skincare routine daily and a non-negotiable. Peredo emphasizes, “The best way to approach sunscreen and makeup is to lay a strong foundation of sunscreen before applying any makeup." This way, you're not depending on a sunscreen you apply on top of your makeup to do all of the work, and you've got double the protection.

Peredo goes on to recommend that "The reapplication of SPF is critical and should be very consistent each day.  Your best bet overall is to take the “multitasker” approach and use a tinted SPF," which can be applied with your fingers, a sponge, or makeup brush lightly on top of your makeup to freshen things up and add a layer of SPF protection. Peredo touts Alastin HydraTint Pro Mineral Sunscreen ($55) as a suitable option for everyday use. Using sunscreen tints can also take the place of a heavier foundation if you're looking for a lighter alternative to wear during warmer months. 


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