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The rise in popularity for non-surgical skin treatments, or a playful term we like “tweakments”, can bring about a lot of questions. Earlier this year we published an article on Everything You Need to Know About Injectables Like Dermal Fillers; this “skincare 101” article offered a great foundation for some of the questions a “newbie” might have on this topic. 

However, that was only scratching the surface on this trending beauty topic, so we wanted to dive deeper. 

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Partially due to the fact that people are getting toxin and dermal filler injections at a younger age than ever before - which you can mostly thank the 20-something celebs who have made it mainstream by sharing their experiences broadly via social media - and because more and more healthcare providers are now offering the service in their practices, going in for the casual “botox break” on your lunch is fairly commonplace. 

Sure, you still see some groups keeping it on a ‘whisper-level’, but with both men and women seeking injectables to help keep their skin looking youthful and fresh, the stigma has nearly vanished. Plus, it works!

Dermal fillers and toxin injections are an effective way to treat fine lines, wrinkles, and more. 

Common Questions About Dermal Fillers & Toxin Injections

What kind of downtime should I expect?

The length of time that swelling, redness, or bruising will occur depends largely on the area and treatment type you receive. That said, in most cases, post-injection signs should not last more than a week, and even just a few days in some cases. This relatively short downtime period is one of the many reasons that this is a preferred method for rejuvenation, over more invasion treatments.

What are the risks/dangers/negative considerations I should know about?

Poorly injected results can lead to swelling, lumpiness, and more serious death of skin cells which can lead to embolism and eventually blindness.

Obviously, these are rare cases but are the exact reason for the next, very important question.

Who should I use to do my injections?

The truth is, not all injectors are great so it’s on you to do your research by talking to friends, reading reviews, and doing a careful interview for a prospective healthcare provider. Be sure to understand their credentials, licenses, and years of experience - it all matters, and will have a direct impact on your results and experience.

Use our search tool as a good place to start in your search for a qualified healthcare provider for ALASTIN Skincare.

What are the secrets to getting the best results with injections?

Number one, find a great injector! As we said, this is the most important aspect - a great injector will guide you through the process before and after your injections to ensure that you are satisfied with your results and get the best outcome. 

But also, skincare. The skincare you use before and after your treatment can go a long way to boost your results. Your healthcare provider may also recommend that you use a Gentle Cleanser, especially after your treatment to ensure the treatment area is cleansed without irritating it. 

The Regenerating Skin Nectar with TriHex Technology® is a popular choice by many skincare experts for procedures as well as it is designed to support and strengthen the skin and can enhance procedure outcomes when used before skin-rejuvenating procedures to precondition the skin, and afterward to support faster recovery and optimal results. This anti-aging powerhouse product can help to calm post-procedure skin and preserve the results in the long-run.

Why would I choose an injection over skincare?

Injections can help with acute skin concerns. That brow line, those crows feet - depending on the type of injection chosen, an injection can help fill in lines and wrinkles in a very specific location, and in many cases, almost immediately.

Because your typical skin cycle is 30-60 days (read: the length of time it takes your skin cells to slough off and be replaced), even the most effective skincare can take time to see results.

Also, they work differently - dermal fillers are a soft tissue filler injected into the skin to help fill in facial wrinkles, restoring a smoother appearance. Meanwhile, depending on the kind and technology, skincare works on a more superficial layer of your skin - think of it as a top-down (skincare), or bottom-up (injection) method of delivering ingredients.

Read our previous blog post, Skincare Beginner’s Guide to Facial Fillers, for more FAQs like “what are the best fillers for the face” and “do fillers in the face move”.

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How to Minimize Downtime and Reduce Bruise Post-Injection

New ALASTIN Skincare Product For Injectable Bruising | ALASTIN Skincare

While there are some solutions said to help with bruising post-injection, none would be considered discrete. The problem with getting an injection is that in many cases, some minor bruising may occur at the injection site, and until now, if you want to accelerate the healing process post-injection, you’d likely have to wear patches, pads or arnica cream on your face to minimize bruising after your dermal filler.
The good news is that INhance Post-Injection Serum helps solve this problem, and the healthcare providers, dermatologists, and skincare experts who have gotten to try it are very excited, to say the least!

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Wendy Johnson

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Wendy Johnson brings to Alastin Skincare over 22 years of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and aesthetics industry experience in various sales, training, marketing and thought leader development roles.

After spending 10 years in gastroenterology at Tap Pharmaceuticals and Prometheus Laboratories, with sales and marketing oversight for in-line and pre-launch products, Mrs. Johnson transitioned to an aesthetic career at SkinMedica in 2004. While there, she was responsible for marketing one of the top 2 branded prescription hydroquinones, launching a leading branded low potency steroid, and oversight of the acne franchise line extensions.

In 2010, Wendy joined Merz North America where she developed and managed the Physician Relations department in support of injectable, topical and device business units under Medical Affairs, before transitioning into managing a Regional Aesthetics Marketing team.

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