Treat Yourself: Book A Stay At These Destination Spas, You Won’t Regret It!

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Top Beauty & Wellness Spas For Your Next Vacation

When it comes to relaxation and rejuvenation, there’s nothing quite like a weekend getaway at an all-inclusive destination spa. And hey, if you can squeeze it into your schedule, why not make it a week!

Taking a step away from the demands of your busy life, to really pamper yourself, feed your body with the nutrition, exercise, and treatments it needs, and just log-off and unwind, can make a world of difference for yourself, and even those around you!

To help kick things off, we’ve curated a list of the best destination beauty and wellness spas for when you’re ready to treat yourself to what you deserve!

Best Resorts with Top-Tier Beauty Services

Sure you can book a treatment at your local day spa, but if you’re ready to take it to the next level, or perhaps your skin needs a little extra TLC, try one of these top-tier resorts.

Top Destination Spa: Amangiri Resort | ALASTIN Skincare


Amangiri Resort, Utah

This desert gem is known to offer rejuevanting beauty treatments specifically tailored to prepare your skin for the warm Utah sunshine. The Aman Spa uses nourishing exotic oils and rich, hydrating blends in their skincare treatments for ultimate hydration and nourishment. The “Nurturing” pathway, for example, encourages reconnection between body and mind while maintaining optimal hydration and vitality for improved elasticity and resilience.  

Top Destination Spa: HigherDOSE | ALASTIN Skincare


HigherDOSE, New York

As a unique detox offering in the heart of New York City, HigherDOSE focuses on infrared therapy primarily through the use of saunas and body wraps for both internal and external benefits. As for benefits to the body, the use of infrared therapy has been shown to stimulate the circulatory system which helps to release toxins from the skin and can improve joint pain.

Top Beauty Resorts: Sahra Spa & Hammam | ALASTIN Skincare


Sahra Spa & Hammam, Nevada

Our Pick For Best Exotic Experience

If you haven’t heard of a hammam, you’re in for a treat! A hammam is a Turkish bath, and its closest relative would be the sauna, but this is much wetter. Featuring a floor-to-ceiling heated marble room with traditional hammam treatments, this desert-inspired spa is considered an oasis in the heart of downtown Las Vegas where you’ll feel as though you’re a world away from the slot machines and city lights. Here, you can add on enhancements like eye and lip skincare treatments, peels, and a microcurrent treatment to help treat fine lines and wrinkles, aging skin, and get back that overall glow!

Best Health & Wellness Destination Spas

Sometimes what leaves us feeling the most beautiful, is when we approach beauty from a wellness perspective and focus our mind on our body’s inner workings as well. These are our top picks for destination spas with a focus on health and wellness.

Best All-Inclusive Resorts: Ojai Valley Inn | ALASTIN Skincare


Ojai Valley Inn, California

Ojai, CA is known in Southern California as a local gem just far enough outside the city of LA to really feel like you’re in a whole new world, but close enough to get there in just a couple hours. With the recent addition of The Farmhouse, a culinary event venue like nothing you’ve ever seen, The Ojai Valley Inn, boasts one of the most luxurious, multi-faceted destination resorts on the West Coast.

Best Beauty Resort: Red Mountain Resort | ALASTIN Skincare


Red Mountain Resort, Utah

Our Pick For Best Adventure + Relaxation

Rejuvenation can come in many forms, and for some, a bit of adventure paired with some fresh air among nature can be just the ticket to a refreshed mind and body. The Red Mountain Resort in St. George, Utah not only offers custom adventures among Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks, but also offers an award-winning spa, whole body wellness packages, and a cuisine menu featuring the healthiest, highest quality ingredients available.

International Destination Spas Worth the Travel

Whether you make one of these resorts your only stop on the trip, or just a part of a grander international adventure, each of these top international destination spas is well-worth the flight and extra vacation days.

Top Destination Spas: Lanserhof Tegernsee | ALASTIN Skincare


Lanserhof Tegernsee, Germany

If you need to detox, or truly address a specific physical issue, consider jet setting to the mountains of Bavaria, Germany.  The Lanserhof Tegernsee sets you up with an on-site physician to create an all-encompassing health plan customized specifically for you! From anti-aging beauty treatments, nutrition planning, and even help to quit smoking - they’ve got you covered. Modern medicine meets heavenly destination retreat!

Best Beauty Spas: The Spa at Chable Resort | ALASTIN Skincare


The Spa at Chable Resort, Mexico

Nestled in Yucatan, Mexico, this lush destination spa blends holistic Mayan rituals together with modern techniques for the ultimate wellness treat! Plus, the warm Mexican climate can be a welcomed delight for most months of the year!

Best Destination Spas: Adler Spa Resort Thermae | ALASTIN Skincare


Adler Spa Resort Thermae, Italy

Our Pick For Wine-Lovers

As if it fell out of Heaven, this Adler Resort, is tucked away in the hills of Tuscany, amidst a natural thermal underground water source to offer guests the highest caliber thermal rejuvenation, cuisine, customer service, and oh ya, happens to be a top-tier resort and spa in the heart of Italy’s wine country! Amongst the rolling Italian hills, the wide open space will impress a sense of peace upon you, both inside and out.

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